Food Safety is Our Highest Priority

Ensuring high quality, safe food is our number one priority.

Here’s an overview of the food safety processes we have in place.

  • We grow our own seedlings from seeds at our dedicated plant nursery on site at Longford. This ensures that we have control of the quality and type of vegetable seedling that we plant. Further, it means that we have control of hygiene from the very beginning.
  • Our seeds come from major seed suppliers from across the globe. We work closely with seed breeders to ensure quality and are active on technical committees overseeing, reviewing and developing new varieties.

food safety seedlings

  • Once seedlings are planted, we constantly monitor for freshness and safety.
  • Because our processing plant is located directly on our Longford farm, all freshly picked vegetables are in our climate-controlled processing plant within a very short time after being picked.

food safety speed

  • Our processing plant is fully climate controlled with temperatures maintained at 5°C. These controlled cold conditions throughout the plant ensure quality and freshness is maintained. The plant is highly mechanized using state-of-the-art machines with optical sorting and touch-free drying to minimise bruising.
  • All staff working in the processing plant have to undergo strict pre-entry hygiene procedures, including changing into cleansed boot, clothing, hairnets, gloves, facemasks, etc. and walking though hygiene foot-baths. This results in no-one having contact with the food once the process has begun.

fodd safety cleanliness

  • Once in the processing facility, all fresh produce is extensively washed at several points in the production process. This requires the use of large amounts of water. This is why the Longford site is so important as we have access rights to good quantities of clean, fresh water. As part of our environmental program we reuse water to do primary washes for raw carrots. Then, through our treatment systems, used water is recycled to irrigate pastures. No waste water leaves our site.
  • Once washed, cut up, diced or left whole, produce is bagged and packed or packed whole.

food safety washing/packaging

  • All this occurs at a fast pace to ensure produce is in to and out of the processing plant quickly so that it can be loaded onto our own climate-controlled semi-trailers for transport to our distribution centres.
  • From our metropolitan distribution centres we send the fresh produce direct to our customers, again in climate-controlled trucks.

food safety-speedy delivery