7 June 2017: WorkSafe Victoria and Covino Farms

Covino Farms accepts today’s decision of the Latrobe Valley Magistrates Court.

Full statement here. [PDF]

Covino Farms responds to NUW claims

Covino Farms rejects out of hand allegations by the NUW regarding underpayment of workers. The action taken by the NUW relates to allegations against labour hire companies dating back to 2013-2015. Since May 2015 the majority of workers have been employed by Covino Farms or Horticulture Employment Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Covino Farms.

In discussions with the NUW, Covino Farms has sought any underlying documentation that supports the NUW claim, but the NUW has failed to provide it. Covino Farms does not believe that the action taken by the NUW has any proper basis and has no information to suggest that workers were paid less than they were entitled to receive.