What We Do

Our Longford farm comprises 3,500 acres where we grow mainly lettuce, salad mixes and carrots, but also other fresh vegetables which we supply to the eastern states in Australia. We have a smaller farm of 250 acres in Queensland supplying during the winter season.

We are a fully integrated fresh vegetable growing, processing and distribution business. We:

  • Buy the seeds and grow them into seedlings at our own nursery. (Takes about 6 weeks.)
  • Plant the seedlings at the farm where they mature into lettuce, etc.
  • Pick the vegetables/salads and process and package these at our on-site factory.
  • Transport the packed fresh vegetables on our own fleet of trucks to our own distribution centres and produce markets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.
  • Deliver the fresh vegetables quickly to restaurant customers direct from our distribution centres.

Yes, it’s a constant challenge to have all these elements working smoothly. We’re proud of the job we do. The result we achieve, however, is Truly Fresh.

Why are our vegetables ‘truly fresh’?

Because we control the full supply chain: from picking, processing and distribution to customers! This means that we pick a lettuce one day and have it in customers’ stores the following day. That is, our fresh vegetables are ‘truly fresh’.