Who We Are

Covino familyCovino Farms is owned and operated by the Covino family consisting of brothers Steven and Peter and our parents Ugo and Maria. We have lived in the Longford area since1993 about two hours east of Melbourne in Gippsland. We live and work in the local community.

Around 120 of our people working at the farm live in and around Longford. As a large business in the area we play an active part in the extended Longford community. A great many of our staff have been with us for 10–15 years or more. We all know and understand each other and depend on each other to make the farm work.

In addition, we have around another 120 people who work with us on the farm. Many of these are young people on student or working holiday visas. Many live in council registered boarding houses in the district, others privately rent homes and some travel long distances to come to work.